Books made into movies

Has anyone seen the movie Eragon? What did you think--especially if you read the book first.  I thought the movie was really cheesy and the dialogue was horrible, but I loved the book. Other thoughts on books made into movies?

Stephanie Meyer books

It will be interesting to see what they do to Twilight in movie format.  It is coming in Fall 2008.  I hope they don't ruin it!  I love those books!

books into movies

I absolutely loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie. They are releasing the sequel, but not until late 2008 for schedule conflicts of the actors. : ( There is also another movie coming out based on the Clique series, but that still has to be made also. Obviously there's the Harry Potter movies, but besides these, there aren't really that many well known/liked movies out there from books. ~Chelsea~

Blood & Chocolate

Has anyone seen this movie or read the book? My friend and I were excited to watch the movie (haven't read the book) during our late night movietime, but weren't too pleased with it. It just didn't seem to work as a movie. Is the book any better? This movie made me worry about the possibility of Twilight being made into a movie. They didn't pull off Blood & Chocolate, a supernatural and fictional book, so I'd hope that Twilight would turn out better if made into a movie.